Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Diagnosis and Health CareResources and Services for Children with Disabilities

It can be devastating to find out your child has a disability or special health care needs. You might not know what to do. As your child grows, you might feel like you’re trying to get through the Grand Canyon without a map - not always sure that you’re making the right turns. You might have more than one path to choose from, and probably don’t know what’s going to come up around the next bend.

Here are a few tools and a compass to help you on your journey. You can connect with other parents whose children have a similar diagnosis or find services, groups, and events to help you and your child. We can help you learn more about your child’s diagnosis and its treatment, and help you find resources in your area.

From helping you know what to do when you first suspect something is different, to first steps, early childhood intervention, and mental health concerns, we hope our road map gives you confidence to move forward with your child’s treatment plans.

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