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Going to the grocery store, watching your children play with each other, talking to your teenager about life, and planning for your child’s future all come with their own joys and challenges when your child has a disability or special health care needs.

When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone and barely keeping your head above water. You and your family aren’t alone, because there are other parents who have lived through similar experiences.

Connecting with other parents who’ve gone through the same thing can give you a lifeline to grasp onto as you figure out how to move forward. They can help you find joy in unexpected places, and, as your journey goes on, it helps to know that someone else has already survived.

We’ve talked to parents and other experts to put together ideas that can help you through some of the trickier times in life:

Let’s face it: Having a child with a disability is not always easy, but good planning and support will make it easier.

Suggestions for managing our stresses

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