Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Finding Support in Your Community

06/09/2015 | Published by: Monica Castillo

Do you live in Webb County?  Do you or your family need help with transportation or home repair? Do you have a child with a disability or special healthcare need? The help and support you need can sometimes be found right in your neighborhood.

The Community Action Agency helps people who live in Webb County get services they need.  Services include rural transportation, energy assistance, home repair, and education. 

El Aguila Rural Transit provides transportation services.  Their goal is to provide access to the public in areas outside of the city.  El Aguila provides low cost transportation for people with disabilities.  They also provide transportation for people who are elderly.  Students and the community in general are also included.  Demand Response Routes are available Monday through Friday.  They also have two service runs available throughout the county.   El Aguila also provides Curb to Curb Service from home to medical facilities and personal appointments.

The Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program helps provide training about energy use and help with utility bills.  They also help with repair of heating and cooling units.   The program focuses on helping families with low income and high energy costs.  Priority is given to families with a young child in the home or a person with a disability.

The Self-Help Center provides help to qualified participants who live in colonia areas.  Services include construction classes and materials for home repairs. A tool library is available for the participants to borrow and use at no cost. Qualifying for the program is based on income and other criteria.  The Self-Help Center has a computer lab for people to use in job searches, homework, online college courses and research purposes.  Computer and financial literacy classes are available at no cost to residents.

 For more information about the services offered by Webb County, please visit the Webb County website.  For additional financial information for your child with a disability, check out financial concerns on this website.