Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

From Diagnosis to Understanding

01/27/2016 | Published by: Monica Castillo

So your child has been diagnosed with _____. Now what? What does that mean and what can you do?  

I recall getting our child's diagnosis after five long years of guessing games and hard times. It was a relief to know what our child was facing, but a struggle to find out how to help him. 

If you suspect that your child is not developing like their peers or is having difficulty in an educational setting, contact Region One Education Service Center (ESC). They serve 7 counties: Cameron, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Starr, Webb, Willacy and Zapata.  

Region One ESC is available to help evaluate and assist with information, training and services for children and parents. They accept parent requests for intervention for their child from birth to age 21 and help locate appropriate services for children with disabilities. Their Child Find/Child Serve Program is a free referral and information service. 

Region One ESC provides education and training sessions on a regular basis. Soon after our son was diagnosed with autism, I began searching for resources and information in the area.  The Autism Department at Region One ESC was a tremendous help and support. As parents, we have been able to attend the Autism Academy (a 5-day series), Sensory Processing Disorder and Food Aversions trainings to name a few. We have found them to be very helpful and would recommend them to families new to the diagnosis. Take a look at the listing of Region One ESC - Workshops and search by topic, calendar and location. Region One ESC provides training sessions in Laredo, Edinburg and San Benito.

When your child is diagnosed with any type of disability, it is it is essential to hit the ground running. Having a diagnosis alone will not address the challenges your child may be encountering. You can get the help you need at Region One ESC. 

Each area of Texas is served by an Education Service Center, so no matter where you live, you can get help for your child. Be sure to check out our page on Find Services, Groups and Events for even more resources in your area.