Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Let’s Play Ball

06/09/2015 | Published by: Cindi Paschall

Movement and exercise are good for our bodies. Doctors and physical trainers are constantly telling us to move more. The more we sit, the worse it is on our bodies. Getting up and moving keeps us healthier. Movement and exercise helps our lungs, our hearts, our muscles, our bones, and our well-being.

We are encouraged to get up and walk around the office each hour, take a walk on our lunch hour, and get our heart rate up for 30 minutes several times a week. The list of ideas goes on and on and varies from very active ideas to easy, low-impact movement.  Organized sports can be a fun way to get the exercise we need. These sports are available for all ages. Soccer, softball, basketball, running clubs, and dance classes are some examples.

Besides good exercise, sports have other great benefits. Playing a sport helps in learning new skills. People can learn to kick a ball, shoot a basket, or run on a trail. Being on a sports team also aids in making friends. A group of people working toward the same goal helps form a bond of friendship. Whether the athletes are top-notch and out for the win or gathered just to have a good time, they are a team. Exercise, practicing, and learning skills also build commitment and discipline in a fun, relaxed environment. In other words, organized sports are a win-win.

Everyone benefits from exercise.  Inclusive sports programs as well as those specifically for people with disabilities are available. You will find some of those options by searching for sports activities on the Find Services, Groups & Events to page on this website. Many sports programs are open to having people with disabilities even if they aren’t uniquely a team for kids with disabilities or special health care needs.

Call your local YMCA, city sports programs, or recreation center for information. Some sporting goods stores have running clubs and other teams. Call or visit the store to learn more.  Ask other parents about sports teams as well – they are sometimes our best resource for finding this type of activity.  If you need help finding parents to talk to about opportunities in your area, go to Connecting to Other Parents.

Exercise is important, but it can also be fun. And it’s always more fun to do it together. Grab a friend, pick a sport, and get moving!