Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Support for Children with Hearing Loss

In El Paso, En Voz Alta (Spanish for “loudly”) is a nonprofit committed to helping children with hearing loss. They offer numerous events for families.

Every other month, En Voz Alta holds a pizza night. This is a fun event where families are able to connect and learn. Guest speakers discuss technology, advocacy, communication options, etc. The event has activities for children while the parents are learning.

Every other year, En Voz Alta offers a conference for parents and professionals. The conference brings national experts on children with hearing loss. It is a great chance to get the most current information.

En Voz Alta also raises money at a charity auction called “Jewelry for a Voice.” The funds are used to help families with no insurance cover hearing aids or cochlear implants. Families can fill out an application to be considered.

Also in El Paso is Texas Hands & Voices, a statewide organization. Through their “Guide By Your Side” program, Texas Hands & Voices helps families make the right choice on communication options for their children.

Some families choose total communication for their child. This is when the child is taught sign language and verbal communication. Some families choose verbal communication with no sign language. Some choose only sign. The choice is up to the family, and Texas Hands & Voices helps a family learn everything necessary to make the right choice.

Learn more about En Voz Alta on its website or by calling (915) 521-7229. Visit Texas Hands & Voices  online or call 936-463-8948.

For other resources, check out our Find Services, Groups and Events on this website.

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