Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Vacationing with Your Child with a Disability

06/09/2015 | Published by: Kelli Zermeno

Summer vacation! Sunshine, freedom and fun for your family. Yes, even your family. With careful planning, your family can enjoy a summer vacation. Many children with disabilities need special equipment and familiarity. This can be achieved even away from home with a few simple tricks. If your child has special toys, blankets and such, be sure to bring them with you. Your child’s familiar bedding and night light in a hotel room or grandma’s house can make the unfamiliar far more comfortable.

If you are taking a road trip, take a break every few hours to stretch your legs.  Include a little time for play and seeing the sights.  It can make a big difference in keeping everyone’s stress levels down. Headphones and tablets with your child’s favorite games and movies can go a long way in keeping your child entertained.

Once you reach your destination, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of vacation fun. You’ve earned it! Be sure, though, to take breaks from the fun every so often. Children, especially those with sensory issues, can easily become overwhelmed by all the lights, sounds, noises and unfamiliarity of vacation destinations. A little time in a quiet room with a low-key activity or even a nap will help keep your child calm and make things a little easier for you, too!

Vacations that incorporate your child’s favorite characters or latest interests can be a ton of fun for the whole family. Disney World, Lego Land, Sea World and other attractions can be a priceless moment in your family’s memory book, especially for the super fan in your life.

Though sometimes these destinations may be out of your budget, a trip to a national park, beach or even an interesting town can be an entertaining and wallet-friendly alternative. Texas is full of vacation options, both extravagant and eclectic. Fort Davis, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, Austin, Balmorhea State Park… they all have so many options for every budget and time frame.

Whether you are vacationing locally or heading across the country, extra planning and familiar items and routines from home can help ensure that your family has fun and even offer you some fun of your own! Don’t forget, you are on vacation, too!  Check for local events or across the state if you plan to travel in Texas by going to Find Services, Groups & Events on this website.