Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Families for Effective Autism Treatment of North Texas

05/04/2016 | Published by: Kelly Mastin

As autism diagnoses increase, so does the need for support. Families need support for daily struggles. Kids, teens, and adults with autism need social skills support. Families need to be connected with like-minded families to share experiences and learn from each other.

Families for Effective Autism Treatment – North Texas (FEAT-NT) is meeting these needs for families in North Texas. Over the last 19 years, FEAT-NT has touched the lives of thousands of individuals impacted by autism.

FEAT-NT offers support groups for families each month. Parents come together to share information, struggles, successes, and receive encouragement and guidance from one another. Relevant topics are discussed and parents have time to connect with each other one on one.  

There are social groups for teens with autism. Teens can learn and practice new social skills in a safe environment with their peers. It is sometimes easier for teens to connect with other teens in these social groups.

FEAT-NT also has “Sibshops” which are sibling support groups. Siblings of kids with autism have unique needs and experiences. These groups are designed to help them with their feelings and responses to daily stress. It is also an opportunity to connect and interact with other kids who are living with similar situations.

FEAT-NT holds an annual autism convention that features training focused on improving the quality of life for those with autism, their families and caregivers. The convention is a great time to network with others in the autism community and learn from experts in the field.

FEAT-NT hosts quarterly family events for the community. The events are free of charge and held in a safe environment. Families can enjoy visiting Santa or the Easter Bunny, riding a train, face painting, crafts, photos, and snacks. About 500 families participate in these community events.

FEAT-NT is committed to supporting and educating families. There is something for everyone who knows someone with autism.

The FEAT-NT (Richland Hills, TX) offers a resource library with hundreds of books to borrow free of charge. The office has playrooms and meeting rooms. The office is open for business Monday-Wednesday 9:00-2:30.

Visit the Families for Effective Autism Treatment website for information about other trainings and events. To find other parent groups in your area, use the Find Groups, Services, and Events on this website.

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