Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Labels and Books and Boxtops, Oh My!

01/27/2016 | Published by: Kelly Mastin

When teaching a child to read, it is important for parents to present literacy in many different forms. No matter the age or ability or perceived intelligence, a child can learn and be stimulated by print and words.

Here are some ideas for keeping words, letters and print in front of your children all day.

  • After your child experiences something fun, exciting, or scary, you can make a story or picture book about it. Whether it was a birthday party, a trip to the beach, an art class, or trip to the pool, it is worth remembering. A bee sting, a car crash, and an illness are other ideas to write about. Consider having your child help make the story or picture book with you. Your child can read the story on his/her own or you can read the story aloud.
  • Labeling items around the house is a fun literacy idea. Use paper and scotch tape, a label maker, or painter’s tape and a sharpie. The closet, the dresser, the door, and the lamp are ideas of items to label.
  • There is no limit to the types of ABC books you can create. Books can be made about whatever your child enjoys. Trains, states, or super heroes are some ideas. The books can contain one word per page, a sentence per page, or a paragraph per page, depending on the reading readiness of your child. Pictures or photos add interest to the ABC books.
  • Save labels, box tops, and package labels, and make board books with them on pieces of cardboard. Cereal boxes, macaroni and cheese, or a label from a can of Spaghetti-O’s™ make for an interesting and colorful book.
  • Keep a couple of interesting books in each room of the house and in the car. The books can be used for individual reading, or you can read the books aloud.
  • Magazines and DVD cases are other fun ideas. Use them for self-reading or read-alouds.
  • You can give your child a copy of the grocery list while shopping. The list can consist of print or of pictures of brand names, labels, and box tops of the items to find in the store.

You can find more literacy ideas, services and events by using our Find Services, Groups and Events page.


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