Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Variety Children’s Fund

03/30/2016 | Published by: Kelly Mastin

It is exciting to find an organization that goes above and beyond helping children with disabilities. Variety is one of these organizations. They give to children every month.

Variety started in the 1920s with a commitment to give to children. It focused on orphans, children in poverty, and children with disabilities and illnesses. The agency grew over the years. There are now chapters all over the globe.

Today, Variety the Children’s Charity of North Texas offers a grant program to assist families. Insurance and state Medicaid sometimes don’t cover things that are needed. Variety is pleased to help when they can. Families may need equipment, therapy, and medical services. Variety funds many of these with grants. Variety’s gifts help children across our state access the community and gain independence.

You can visit the Variety Texas website and read the history of Variety. There is a video about the children who have benefitted from Variety as well as a link to the application, tips, and FAQs. There are also local events listed.

Variety the Children’s Charity of North Texas can help with the following:

  • Variety Caring (Medical procedures, services, and equipment)

This fund helps with medical needs that do not involve mobility. Included are medicine, surgeries, therapies, and medical procedures.

  • Variety Freedom (Mobility equipment and therapies)

This fund is all about mobility and independence. Included are wheelchairs, bikes, walkers, and therapies for mobility.

  • Variety Future Kids (Education, experience, and play)

This fund gives money for special education items. Included in this fund are communication skills and devices. Money can go for equipment to help a child learn. Also included are special activities and experiences to enhance the life of the child.

Before applying for a grant, a family must submit the item to their insurance and/or Texas Medicaid. Part of the application process includes the denial from insurance. This just ensures that other funding resources are tried first.

A recommendation form is also needed. A doctor, therapist, or other professional fills this out for the child.

Variety has a quick turnaround for grant applications. It takes just a few weeks for them to review the applications. Letters of approval or denial are sent out quickly. This quick response speeds up the process for families.

As always with non-profit organizations, Variety appreciates volunteers and donations. Their work would be impossible without gifts from generous donors. See the Variety website for more details.

You can learn about additional ways to find financial assistance on this website at Funding and Grants for Children with Disabilities.


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