Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Volar Center for Independent Living

The Volar Center for Independent Living (Volar CIL) is an organization of and for people with disabilities. The organization advocates for civil rights and community options for people with disabilities in the El Paso area. Volar works to help people with disabilities live the lives they choose. Volar believes that all people have rights and responsibilities as first class citizens to control and direct their own lives. This includes where to live, who to live with and how to live. Volar stays current about the latest policies and laws that affect the lives of persons with disabilities. 

Volar CIL helps children and young people with disabilities and their families too. Volar can help with a variety of education system issues. This includes ARD (Admission, Review and Dismissal) meetings, transition, higher education and community integration.

Volar CIL’s services include the following: 

  • information and referral
  • independent living skills training
  • peer counseling
  • advocacy
  • transportation training
  • relocation services
  • assistive devices
  • support services
  • and more

At Volar CIL, the consumer is in the lead when designing an independent living plan. The consumer works with a coordinator to develop the plan with clear goals. The plan might include owning your own home or getting a job.  It could include going to college or trade school, leaving a nursing home or other goals.  Volar CIL offers support services that provide information about federal housing programs and affordable housing. They can also help you learn more about accessibility and discrimination in housing.

This center is a non-profit organization headed by a Board of Directors from a variety of sectors of the El Paso community. At least 51% of the people that serve on the Board are persons with disabilities. This is important to keep the goals of the organization true to the mission and the vision. 

There are nearly 30 CILs in Texas. You can search for CILS in other areas of Texas here.

Check out their website for information about more of their programs and services. You can call them at 915-591-0800 (voice or TTY) or email them for more information. 

And while you’re here, check out our Find Services, Groups and Events page for more resources in your area.

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