Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

A Retreat for Families

05/04/2016 | Published by: Kelly Mastin

Over the river and through the woods, you will find a wonderful getaway. It’s a spot especially for families living with autism. It’s called Elijah’s Retreat and it’s close to Tyler in east Texas.

Elijah’s Retreat realizes the dream of two grandparents whose first grandchild is named Elijah and has autism. The retreat is a place where kids with autism can be safe and be themselves; where everyone understands autism; where everyone is free to be who they really are; and where everyone can enjoy their family and the surroundings.

Elijah’s Retreat offers private cabins for families. The cabins have two bedrooms, equipped with twin beds and a queen bed. Toys and bedding are provided. Each cabin has a kitchen – and a grill for cooking outside. The cabins have Wi-Fi, televisions, DVD players, and gaming screens.

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy. There is a pond for fishing and trails for hiking. There are miniature horses to brush, horses to ride, and donkeys and miniature cows to care for. There are areas to sit outside and relax. Everyone can find something to do at Elijah’s retreat.

Elijah’s Retreat asks each family to pay $30 a night. However, they don’t want the cost to prohibit anyone from coming. Families can contact the retreat for financial help.

Visit the website for information about available dates. Once you find a date that works for you, email retreat staff to request that date. The staff will get back with you about your reservation.

Visit the website to see photos of the retreat. There are also videos of families who have visited.

As a non-profit organization, Elijah’s Retreat welcomes donations and volunteers. There are details on the website.

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