Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Ideas for Recreation in Plano

12/20/2016 | Published by: Kelly Mastin

Looking for things to do in Plano, Texas? You will be pleased to learn that there is something for everyone in Plano.

The Plano Parks and Recreation Department offers classes for residents. They give a wide variety of classes for all ages that cover an exciting range of topics. Everyone can find something that interests them.

Excitingly, the City of Plano provides events and classes specifically for people with disabilities. Their “Adapted Recreation Program” has classes and events for individuals of all ages. See their schedule for details—and sign up!

The schedule for classes varies. Some are during the weekday. Others are in the evenings or on the weekend. A few classes are offered only one time; others are regularly occurring. The class fee varies but is very reasonable. All details are listed clearly in the catalog. The catalog can be accessed online or picked up at the City of Plano offices.

Events include sporting events that are sure to be a fun night out. Participants will go to a football, hockey, or a baseball game. Other events include a dinner out at a restaurant, looking at Christmas lights during the holidays, seeing a movie together, and Bingo nights. There are regularly scheduled events like bowling, yoga, and Kids Night Out so parents can get a break. There is a monthly dance party for teens and adults. All details are in the catalog.

Also, in Plano, there are a wide variety of activities offered at the public library. Visit the website and click on the Events Brochure. There you will find many pages of activities, classes, and events for all ages, and interests. There is certainly something for everyone!

A final idea for activities in Plano is Special Olympics. Visit the website to find information.  Sports include: bocce ball, swimming, basketball, bowling, flag football, gymnastics, softball, track & field, volleyball, and tennis. Again, the chances are great that you will find something to interest your loved one.

For additional services and events, go to Find Services, Groups, and Events on this website.


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