Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Navigate Life Texas: Resources for kids with disabilities and special needs

Panhandle Children’s Foundation

Panhandle Children’s Foundation, Inc. (PCFI) is a nonprofit group in the Texas Panhandle that offers some great camps for kids with disabilities at Talon Point.

Talon Point is a haven set on 60 acres with a 43-room hotel. There is a small train that circles a charming lake surrounded by lovely gardens. PCFI rents this facility out for retreats, events, weddings, charitable gatherings, corporate functions, and kids’ camps. During the summer, the main purpose of Talon Point is to offer a place for children with disabilities from the Texas Panhandle Region to come and enjoy the facilities that PCFI offers.

Camp Agape, a 3 day camp for kids and teens with disabilities, offers unique outdoor experiences. Camp Agape kids enjoy horseback riding, campfires, crafts, and paddle boating.  

One mom says, “Camp Agape is a very well supervised camp for kids with IDD. I would strongly recommend the camp to parents. Young adults are given a sense of freedom and independence, along with the ability to make friendships.”

PCFI also runs a day camp where campers get to enjoy lake activities, focusing on children with disabilities in the Panhandle who may not have a nearby camp opportunity otherwise. You can learn more about PCFI’s summer camps on their website.

As a nonprofit, PCFI is funded through charitable donations––which is why they host the annual “Hogs at the Point” fundraiser. “Hogs at the Point” is a motorcycle fundraiser held at Talon Point. It kicks off every year with a children’s cook-off on Friday night. On Saturday, they have music in the courtyard, a Fun Run, a BBQ meal, motorcycle games, and both silent and live auctions. The big winner gets a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle!

And to end the weekend, they offer a live band and dance. This year’s “Hogs at the Point” will be held August 20, 2016. Come out to support PCFI and have some fun!

If you have any question about the Hogs at the Point, Talon Point, or any camp, visit the (PCFI website) or call 806-935-5598.

You can find other activities for your child by going to Find Services, Groups, and Events on this website.

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